Jan 7, 2009

Yet Another For The "WTF" File

Not a day goes by that I don't raise my eyes to the sky and ask (whomever may be listening): WTF is wrong with people?!

Call me silly, but I could swear that the purpose of divorce is to remove the person from your life; not create more anger and drama in your life. I cannot imagine hating someone that I once loved so much that I would actually lose my mind. I also can't imagine being so insane that I would forget that my kids are a part of the equation.

This man wants his money back. When he loved his wife, he loved her enough to donate a kidney to her. Now he hates her and wants his money back? He has three children who are well past the age of reason, and justice would be served if they never spoke to his crazy ass again. Knowing that your dad made the national news because he is such a petty tool; well...that's just sad.

Again, I say....WTF is wrong with people?!


Vampire Hours said...

I'd also call him an ass-hat, cause I enjoy that word too. Some people just need to deal and move on. Of course, people don't always do the right thing...hence the toolness. Honestly, Ethel!

Sissy said...
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Sissy said...

hmmmm....seems difficult to revise a post here. Whatever...what I wanted to say was this...

He wants his money back for a freaking KIDNEY?!?!?! This guy takes douchebaggery to a whole new level.

Douchebaggery and asshattery.