Jan 23, 2009

Apparently We Have A Long Way To Go


In my previous post, I pondered how we were going to move forward. We have a person of color in the White House. We are hopeful about our future, we appear to be behaving in a unified manner not seen since the days of the quest for Civil Rights. And yet, with people being what they are, I suppose we will always have folks like Ted Kefalinos, creator of the "Drunken Negro Head" cookie.

I am not kidding.

In my previous post, I reflected on what Dr. King would think of what lies ahead. In looking at the picture, I see now that he knew all along; you see it in his expression and his body language. As long as there are people like Mr. Kefalinos, the road we travel to become the best we can be is going to be a very long one. The part of me that practices mindful compassion will send out a request to the Universe that Mr. Kefalinos will coe to understand just how wrong this is. The part of me that grew up in the hood agrees with the commenter on Gawker.com (where this appears) who said:

"How wonderful it would be if Mr. Kefalinos got a visit from, oh, about a dozen big-ass brothers from uptown who didn't do anything, just stood there for the scariest fifteen minutes or so in his recent memory."

Peace out.

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Vampire Hours said...

And if the those brothers do stop by the shop for a "visit"...I hope that someone records it for all of us to watch and enjoy.

That baker is an idiot and, I'm guessing, will suffer a "wee" bit of negative business moving forward.

Maybe he can make ass-hat cookies in his likeness and see how those sell.