Oct 9, 2008

One for the "WTF" file


You know, I believe that one man's pain can certainly be another man's pleasure. We're all wired however it is that we're wired, and who am I to judge or begrudge anyone what they find titillating.

I also believe that no one has any business in anyone's bedroom/dungeon/woodshed, where said behavior is consensual. In BDSM relationships, that tends to be the case.

So I find it fascinating that the Dept. of Justice finds it necessary to proceed with criminal prosecution of someone who produces said material, produced for consenting adults. At the same time, they absolve themselves of any wrongdoing when it comes to DOJ sanctioned torture of detainees.

Restraint, roleplay, sensory and physical manipulation for sexual release in the privacy of your abode = BAD

Restraint and roleplay, sensory and physical manipulation to get information = GOOD

Am I missing something here?

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