Jan 10, 2010

A seat at a table in the Gratitude Cafe

I am  surely old enough to be his mother...but Jason Mraz trips my triggers in a way that one might consider downrighty pervy.  Why?  It's simple...he's sexy without being creepy, spiritual in a way that resonates with me, smart as a whip, and most important...funny.  Funny always wins the day (see below... and there are plenty more where that came from).


We should all be chilling at a table at the Gratitude Cafe.  In fact, it's place we should be visiting weekly (if  not daily); and I don't mean Mr. Mraz's website either...  

I came across this very cool iPhone app:  the Gratitude Journal.  I really like the idea; all you have to do is  list 5 things you're thankful for, once per day.  I do this in my head every day just before I go to sleep, especially if I've had a bad or challenging day; but I like the idea of writing it down.  I believe that writing things down makes them so; gives the Universe the message that you're serious, that you want to be heard, and can kick start the process of making things manifest.  So...does my writing this mean that I get to have my wicked way with Mr. Mraz' partner in crime, Toca Rivera, should I encounter him?  Hmmmm....but I digress.

Below is just for a taste of his wordsmithing and vocal abilities...this one is full of humor...

and this is just lovely - and true.  Enjoy.

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