Jun 14, 2009

About That Hugging Thing...

In the middle of the night, I realized that I hadn't expanded on the the actual Free Hugs story. That video reduces me to tears every time I see it...check out the elderly woman as she pats his cheek; that small gentle gesture speaks volumes to me.

The fact that something as innocuous as a hug would be viewed with suspicion, and subsequently banned, says a lot about what we've become. None of what it says is good. I also find it interesting that information about Juan Mann (the man with the sign) is simple and low-key, much like Ammachi, the Hugging Saint. Hmmm...if you compare their work to any of the million dollar televangelists, I think you'll get my point.

Here's another Free Hugs video, this one shot in Scotland; which is one of my fave places on the globe, and home to the friendliest people you'll ever meet. The fact that the Scots jumped in and hugged apparently without hesitation reminded me of why I loved my visit there.
Hug someone today like you really mean it.

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