Mar 5, 2009

Love, Actually...

Because I tend to boycott Valentines Day, I thought I'd sit on this for a bit and save it for a relevant moment. Well, today this couldn't be more relevant. As I write this, the California Supreme Court in session to hear oral arguments to overturn Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage.

That something as simple as the right to do what we are divinely inspired to do (which is to love another human being) has to be legislated...well, I just can't wrap my mind around it. The fact that someone feels that they have the right to dictate happiness just about makes my hair catch on fire. Yeah Kenneth Starr, the Mormon Church...I'm talking to you.

I can only think that those who are in opposition must have lost the memory of the moment they realized that the person they are married to was "the one". Or the feeling they had as they pledged to be everything to the person who held their heart. It's a feelng that some of us may only get to experience once in a lifetime, some experience over and over, and others never allow their hearts to be open to receive. Gender does not make a family. Love makes a family. Let the couples and families who teach us by example that love triumphs over hatred, bigotry and adversity, continue to be shining examples of what all humans are designed to be. We are here to love and uplift each other. Can't that be enough? So watch the video below, send it to your friends today and remind them what this is all about.

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Vampire Hours said...

Well said! I wish YOU were there to explain things to the legal kids.

Love really does make a family and I'm very proud to consider you an irreplaceable part of mine.